Foundations 4 Mastery

Are you a great teacher? Are you ready to be? Kundalini (1)Learn to excel as an instructor through mastering the foundations of the yogic lineage.  As a newly certified instructor or one who has been teaching for five years or less, you’ve learned posture and class structure. Now learn the foundational basics to mastery that allow you to guide and adjust all students at all levels in your class. Circulate teachings throughout the world with skill, confidence and awareness, which only come from a strong foundation. Thrive as a teacher and watch your students do the same. The benefits;

  • Mastery – which grows as you connect with your authentic presence as a teacher,
  • Navel Awareness – an approach to movement through navel awareness and the skill to project in the world,
  • Breath – specialized breathing techniques for various purposes,
  • Subtle Alignment – the power of tiny adjustments that change your entire alignment,
  • Mantra – sacred chanting create a new vibration, using sound to change the mind, body,
  • Playful Focus – an open approach to learning. 

This course focuses 9 hours with navel practices, 9 hours with breath, 9 hours with mantra, 9 hours with alignment, and 9 hours integrating all aspects you are learning in an ongoing manner.

yogawhiteBecome an exalted teacher, the teacher you are meant for in this world.

Coming January 2015


What They Are Saying…

I often hear your voice in my head. This morning when I bent down to feed my cat, I heard your voice asking me if I was using my navel.

Michelle Cobb
Founder, Blue Iris Designs

YogasYoga is the only place where I can connect with the higher wisdom of yoga’s lineage, and my own authentic power as a teacher.

Shane Taylor
Yoga Teacher

I was stunned by the information you shared in class. It has changed my life. I now have power where I didn’t before.

Karen Stout

I had no idea that I had so much space in my body before taking classes with Sandra. Sandra is a true master.

Ellen Moore
Branding Specialist

Great class! It was so much fun.  That is the most interactive class I’ve ever been to. The adjustments made such a difference in the way I moved and experienced the poses.

Jennifer Landon

I have learned so much from your classes, and am now a better teacher.


Molly Houck
Yoga Teacher

Sandra's classes are a workout for my Spirit; I feel the effects of my practice each and every day. When I miss a week of class I suffer the effects. Before I began studying Kundalini with Sandra, there is no way I would have been willing to get out of bed early on a Saturday week after week.

Now, it's no longer an effort. I look forward to the drive, the kriyas and the mantras. My week is complete when I am on my mat in Sandra’s class. My life has changed.

Elissa Jeanne Boise
Instructor - IMPACT Personal Safety