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Meet The Teachers

Sandra Saiontz In 1993 she was introduced to Kundalini Yoga at a beach club in Santa Monica. She began attending every class she possibly could, especially those taught by Yogi Bhajan. She took her teacher training in 2000 overseen by Yogi Bhajan. She began teaching privately and using those teachings in her healing practice. sandraIn 2004 Sandra began working with Kronos/Office Workouts, a private training company, which contracted to corporations such as Kaiser Permanente. In 2010 Sandra began teaching in Denver at Sweet Leaf Compassion Center and Energy Balance Inc. In 2011 she began teaching at YogaTree Colorado and holding her own class series at Nourished Health Center. Sandra has developed four specialized courses; Creating Inner Space, The Wealth of Spirit, Flirting With Death which arose from her own experiences with death and the death wish, Foundations 4 Mastery which Sandra saw as a necessity when she began to notice instructors (those teaching for 5 years or less) weren’t working with strong foundations. These courses are offered through YogasYoga LLC. When teaching, Sandra is concerned with inspiring and encouraging participants, and sometimes confronting participants to excel and grow. She is passionate that students have experiences that allow them to think for themselves. While Sandra provides guidance, she continually asks questions to stimulate students in deeply aligning with themselves, their energy fields, thought processes, emotions, and patterning. Sandra herself learns best when she’s having fun, is engaged and interested. She brings these elements to her classes along with an innate awareness that each person learns differently.


Elissa Jeanne Boise -EJ Boise is a native Coloradan who does not ski. She spent the better part of her teens and 20’s in the field of commercial construction and made forays into the realms of nannydom, sales and administrative work. She has been doing yoga since she was a small child and never fully committed until now, and has found her home and joy in the practice of Kundalini Yoga. Ej works with YogasYoga LLC and Sacred Song Sound Healing LLC where she provides her expertise as an Administrative Consultant. Ej is the first female instructor to wear a suit for Impact Personal Safety, Colorado. In her off time Ej sings jazz, babysits, and hangs out in the backyard with her 2 furry housemates: a ferocious domestic panther (a domestic shorthair) named Mama, and Miss Bea, the Brussels Griffon.